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Grants Pass, OR

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  • 541-479-4975
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  • 1221 Northeast 7th Street
    Grants Pass, OR 97526
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  • Monday – Friday
    9:00am – 5:00pm


Welcome to Insurance Lounge in Grants Pass, OR

Our Grants Pass location is the corporate office for Insurance Lounge and also one of our main sales offices in Oregon. We originally started in Grants Pass as DeLaGrange Insurance back in 1976 selling mainly Life Insurance and Health Insurance. Over the years we have expanded our product portfolio to offer all major lines of insurance including auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance, life insurance, business insurance and much more in Grants Pass.

Our Insurance Lounge Concierges are there to find you affordable insurance plans that fit your lifestyle. Our agents are not compensated by sales commission, meaning we only keep your best interests in mind.

Car Insurance Quotes in Grants Pass

Are you asking the right questions when buying auto insurance to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth? Contact our Grants Pass insurance agency to compare car insurance rates among multiple providers. We’ll tell you the questions you should be asking when looking for car insurance.

Grants Pass Home Insurance Company

Protect your investment in your Grants Pass home through a reliable home insurance plan. We will walk you through the home insurance research process and consider the value of your home, your property, and location among other pivotal factors.

Health Insurance Agency in Grants Pass

Health insurance premium rates are regulated by the state of Oregon; you pay the same no matter which agency you purchase your health insurance from. The difference with Insurance Lounge is that you gain personalized customer service at no extra charge. Contact us for free health insurance quotes.

Grants Pass Life Insurance & Retirement Investing

Life insurance can both safeguard you against unexpected life events as well as serve as a viable investment option. Your age, gender, health and required coverage amount are among the many factors that can affect your life insurance rate. Discover your options for  life insurance and plan for your retirement with our knowledgeable agents.


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