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If you’re a new driver, want to switch to a different insurance company, or are looking for a lower rate, you’ve come to the right place. Car insurance isn’t important just because the law requires it. You also need it to protect yourself, your passengers, and your assets. At Insurance Lounge, we want to ensure that you’re covered every time you’re on the road. That’s why it’s our mission to provide simple and convenient ways for customers to shop for auto insurance policies.

What Affects Your Auto Insurance Rate?

Your driving record
Vehicle type and coverage levels
Age and gender
Credit Score

As one of the top auto insurance agencies in Beaverton, Eugene, Grants Pass, and Medford, we can help you navigate these factors to find the best car insurance quote for your needs and budget.

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Common Types of Car Insurance Coverage

You may not know where to start when it comes to exploring your options for auto insurance. Our Insurance Concierges® can help you determine which policy aligns with your family’s needs. Common coverage types include:


Auto liability insurance provides coverage if you’re at fault in an accident and hurt someone else or damage their property. This type of insurance is required by law in Oregon. It does not cover your injuries or damage to your property.


Auto collision insurance typically helps you pay for repairs or the replacement of your vehicle if your car is damaged in an auto accident. It does not cover bodily injury expenses or damage to your car that’s caused by anything other than a car accident.


Comprehensive car insurance protects your vehicle from any type of damage. This includes falling objects like trees, vandalism, natural disasters, or hitting animals. It also covers theft.

Trust the experts at Insurance Lounge to provide you with a superior auto insurance experience. We’re committed to giving our customers the support and resources they need to make informed decisions when shopping for insurance policies. Receive a quote in minutes by contacting our team today at one of our locations throughout Oregon.

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