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Medicare Insurance

Medicare is a federal healthcare program for U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents of at least five continuous years who are 65 or older, or any age with certain types and lengths of disabilities. Some parts of Medicare are included at no cost to all who meet these criteria, but others can require a premium payment, and additional coverages are provided by separate plans offered by private insurance companies.

Deciding on which parts of Medicare to enroll in, and which separate coverages to purchase outside of Medicare, can be intimidating. This is why Insurance Lounge analyzes every client’s needs individually, in the context of their other insurance and financial circumstances, to make personalized recommendations about their Medicare options.

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Medicare Options

Depending on the circumstances, Original Medicare may not cover all of the medical expenses one can expect to incur after age 65 or during a disability. Insurance Lounge contracts with multiple insurance carriers to compare the best option to fill in any gaps in a health insurance plan that includes Medicare. Contact an Insurance Concierge or visit an Insurance Lounge retail location to discuss how to combine Medicare and additional coverage to meet your needs.

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