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Disability Insurance

When you encounter a disability that prevents you from working and making money, you still need income to cover expenses. The kind of insurance that can help you in this situation is disability insurance. Because disabilities can arise suddenly, it is wise to have this type of insurance even if you don’t need it right now. The cost of this insurance differs based on factors like:

Your salary
Coverage amount
How long you need benefits for
Wait time until you receive benefits

As a top provider of disability insurance in Grants Pass, Medford, and Beaverton, we know how to analyze these variables so you get the best coverage for your situation and needs.

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Popular Types of Disability Insurance


This type of insurance provides you with a portion or percentage of your salary when you are unable to work for longer than six months.


When you need income replacement for less than a year, this insurance can provide a percentage of your pre-tax income, up to 80% of your paycheck.


Your employer may offer some insurance benefits for disabilities, but supplemental insurance can take care of the difference between what your employer benefits will pay and what you actually need to live on.

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