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It can sometimes be challenging to find the right health insurance plan for you and your family. There are so many different plans, with so many different benefits, that it can get overwhelming. And of course, there’s always the cost to consider. But if you’re looking for a way to get affordable coverage without sacrificing quality care or choice in doctors, then contacting Insurance Lounge is your next move.

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is Here

The open enrollment period for people to sign up or make changes to their individual health plans is November 1st thru January 15th 2023.

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How to Choose the Right Plan

The first step is asking the opinion of someone you trust before open enrollment, such as your physician or another healthcare professional. They’ll be able to tell you what they think about different plans in terms of quality of coverage, level of expertise available nearby, affordability, and other factors that you might not think about.

Health Insurance for You

If you’re looking for health insurance for just you, it’s important to know your options during your special enrollment period. If you’re single, then the best choice for you will probably be an individual health insurance plan tailored specifically to meet your needs and budget. Keep in mind that these plans are not usually as comprehensive or affordable as family health insurance, but they may be the best choice for you if your situation allows it.

Health Insurance for Your Family

Even if no one in your family has any pre-existing medical conditions or problems, everyone should still have some sort of health insurance. Family plans tend to be more comprehensive and expensive than individual ones, but they also give you a lot more options when it comes time for your family’s care.

Factors That Impact Your Health Insurance Premiums

Many people don’t realize that certain factors can impact your health insurance premiums. These include age, income level, smoking habits, and family history. For example, someone with cancer should expect to pay more for their plan than another person in the same demographic group. And if you have a pre-existing condition or medical problem, you can expect to face significantly higher premiums or even get denied coverage.

Health Insurance

Common Types of Health Insurance Coverage


Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) health insurance plans give you access to a wide variety of doctors and hospitals. This type of plan typically covers 60 - 80% of your costs, with the rest being up to you.


Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) health insurance plans only give you access to a certain network of doctors and hospitals. This type of plan typically covers 80 - 90% of your costs, with the rest being up to you.


Health Savings Account (HSA) health insurance plans are a type of high-deductible plan paired with a special savings account. This type of plan typically covers 60 - 80% of your costs, but the money in your HSA can be used to offset uncovered expenses like copays.

Health Sherpa

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Continuation of Health Insurance: COBRA

COBRA is an acronym for the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, a federal law requiring employers to let their employees (and dependents) take over their health insurance coverage if they leave or get fired. You can get COBRA if you are already enrolled in your employer’s plan, have left the company for any reason, were fired or laid off from that job (but only within 60 days of termination), are on strike, or retired. Find more information on COBRA by speaking with your insurance provider or your HR department at work.

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