Health Insurance

Health Insurance

What affects your health insurance rate?

Selecting the right health insurance plan can be complicated. PPO, HMO, HSA - there are multiple terms and situations to understand. At Insurance Lounge, we want to be your partner and help you through every step of the insurance vetting process for yourself or for your employers.

An accident or a serious illness will affect you both physically and financially. Therefore, it's extremely important to make sure you fully understand the insurance plan you select and the associated costs. Your Oregon health insurance rate can be affected by the following:

  • Type of Plan (HMO, PPO, HSA)
  • Deductible Level
  • Copay Percentage
  • Access to Specialists
  • Maternity and Prescription Drug Coverage
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Common Health Insurance Coverage Types


Preferred provider organizations are the most common health plan and tend to cost more than an HMO. PPO plans offer a selection of doctors or hospitals on the insurance company's list of preferred providers. A deductible must be paid before certain benefits are available.


Health maintenance organizations offer lower out-of-pocket expenses but have less flexibility in the choice of physicians or hospitals. Under an HMO plan, you typically select a primary care physician who can refer you to a HMO specialist if needed. HMOs require copayment for certain services.


Health Savings Accounts are savings accounts similar to a 401k that allow you to save money pre-tax to use for future qualified medical expense. The invested money grows tax free and can be a great financial tool during your retirement.

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The Insurance Lounge Difference

Our Philosophy

The most affordable health plan right now might not provide the best long term value. Our goal is to educate you on your range of options so you can make the best decision for your health and future. At our interactive retail stores, you can research online using our quoting kiosks or speak to one of our dedicated agents. Our agents don’t work on commission and can focus on you and your needs alone. Open seven days a week, we're here to assist you.

Choosing Your Oregon Health Insurance

You deserve to shop around for the most affordable health insurance that gives you the best value. A benefit of working with Insurance Lounge is our partnership across 100 trusted carriers. We can provide the most comprehensive comparisons for our clients. Since rates vary widely for health insurance, we are likely get you a better deal than you can get for yourself.  Get in touch with us to find your next health plan.

One Place for All Your Insurance Needs

One of the major benefits of working with Insurance Lounge is finding competitive rates not only on your health insurance but your auto, home, life insurance and more at no additional cost. With access to industry leading carriers, we can provide you with competitive rates on all your insurance needs. As an independent broker, we can provide objective recommendations that you wouldn't get working with the big carriers. We offer competitive quotes on:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement & Investment Planning
  • Business Insurance

Locations Served

We proudly serve the following Oregon communities and their surrounding areas:

Beaverton Health Insurance Agency: Our Beaverton store is the newest Portland area location. Located on 11835 NW Cedar Falls Dr Ste 115, our office is in the Timerland Town Center just a 15 minute drive from downtown Portland.

Grants Pass Health Insurance Agency: Grants Pass hosts our headquarters and the birthplace of our original company, Delagrange Insurance, over 30 years ago. We are located on 1221 Northeast 7th Street off of highway 99.

Lake Oswego Health Insurance Agency: Our Lake Oswego office was our first expansion to the Portland metropolitan area.  Located on 4859 Meadows Rd Ste 155, we are right off Kruse Way.

Medford Health Insurance Agency: Medford is our second oldest location. We recently moved our office to 151 Rossanley Drive located close to Rogue Valley Mall off of 238.

Please visit or call any of our locations for competitive health insurance quotes across numerous trusted carriers. We look forward to meeting you!