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Will government aid or private health insurance cover me?

Many consumers believe they already have protection, however private health plans offer limited protection for nursing facility care services and Medicare pays only for temporary care required after hospitalization. Medicaid may be available to individuals who meet strict state and federal income and asset requirements, but Medicaid is not intended as a long-term care funding… More

Am I too young for long term care insurance?

Long-term care insurance makes as much sense for people in their forties and fifties, as it does for people who are retired. Here’s why: The High Cost Of Waiting: Like life insurance, the premiums on long-term care insurance policies are based in part on your age at the time of purchase, and are therefore generally… More

What kinds of services are covered?

Since aging is a gradual process, it’s unlikely that you will suddenly wake up one day needing nursing home care. Instead, most people go through several stages of care; a progression that begins with in-home care and may-or may not-lead to a skilled nursing facility. In between, there are a host of services available to… More

Who needs long term care insurance?

Working families who want to protect their lifestyle and assets. Retirees & pre-retirees who want to preserve their nest egg and financial independence. Concerned parents who don’t want to become a physical or financial strain to their children. Adult children who want to make sure their elderly parents receive the quality care they deserve. People… More

What is long term care insurance?

Much like auto, home or life insurance, long-term care insurance policies are designed to reimburse a predetermined benefit should something unfortunate happen. In this case, the benefit will help cover the costs for the physical care and day-to-day living assistance you may need if confronted by a lengthy illness, severe accident, or effects of aging.