Covering All of Your Insurance Needs

Looking for insurance?

Insurance Lounge offers great plans in all major insurance categories. We will make personalized recommendations in home, auto, life, health and more. Check out our listings below for details.

Auto Insurance

If you’re new to auto insurance, want to switch to a different company, or are looking for a lower rate, you’ve come to the right place.

Car insurance is important not only because the law requires it, but also because you need it to protect yourself, your passengers, and your assets.

Homeowners Insurance

Your home is one of your largest investments. Protect it inside and out with homeowners insurance. At Insurance Lounge, we will compare rates across numerous providers to find the best rate and coverage for your home in Beaverton, Grants Pass, or Medford.

Got a Minute?

Get an awesome price on a great plan in minutes.

We’ll provide recommendations based on your situation and find you the best price. Do it on your own, or with the help of a live Insurance Concierge®.

Life Insurance

If you’re considering life insurance for yourself, you’re making a smart financial move. To help you make the right life insurance selection, we will work with you to consider your situation and needs. Are you looking for lifetime coverage or just a specific period? How much coverage will you need to protect your family when you’re gone?

Health Insurance

Selecting the right health insurance plan can be complicated. PPO, HMO, HSA ⁠– there are multiple terms and situations to understand. At Insurance Lounge, we want to be your partner and help you through every step of the insurance vetting process for yourself or for your employers.

Medicare Insurance

Medicare is a federal healthcare program for U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents of at least five continuous years who are 65 or older, or any age with certain types and lengths of disabilities. Some parts of Medicare are included at no cost to all who meet these criteria, but others can require a premium payment, and additional coverages are provided by separate plans offered by private insurance companies.

Disability Insurance

When you encounter a disability that prevents you from working and making money, you still need income to cover expenses. The kind of insurance that can help you in this situation is disability insurance. Because disabilities can arise suddenly, it is wise to have this type of insurance even if you don't need it right now.

Business Insurance

We know and appreciate that no two businesses are alike. Each business has its own unique needs based on its industry, location, growth plan, and more. As a business owner, it’s important to speak with an Insurance Concierge to discuss all your options when it comes to commercial insurance and the future protection of your business.

Investments & Retirement

Managing your financial portfolio can be a full-time job. That’s why many people decide to turn to a financial advisor for direction and advice on managing their funds. There is a lot you need to know to make informed investment decisions.

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