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When you’re in the market for car insurance in Medford, Oregon, it’s important to consider the insurance company you’ll be dealing with. Here are the two main auto insurances offered at Insurance Lounge. If you’d like personal advice, please call our Medford insurance agency to discuss your Medford car insurance options and needs.

Medford Car Collision Coverage

At some point, many of us have looked at our car insurance premium bill and thought, “Is all this auto insurance that I am paying for something I really need?” Some auto insurance coverage we really “need” while other car insurance coverage might be “nice” to have. Where does auto collision coverage fit in? First, let’s take a look at what is provided by protection collision insurance.

Imagine that you’ve just been in a car accident in Medford as the driver. After you make sure that everyone involved in the accident is safe, you need to assess the damage to your car. If you have auto collision coverage as part of your car insurance policy, you will be able to save on car repairs.

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What Is Auto Collision Coverage?

Your auto collision coverage will pay regardless of who is at fault. Even if you caused an accident, your auto insurance company will pay to replace or repair your car after the deductible has been taken out.

However, there could be some damages that are excluded in your policy, such as running into someone intentionally or if you were racing.

If Another Driver Caused the Accident, Which Insurance Company Pays?

Your auto collision coverage will pay to repair your car. Then, your insurer will attempt to recover their costs from the liability insurance of the driver at fault. This process saves you the trouble of having to recover costs from the responsible party yourself. If the total damage cost is recovered by your insurance company, you may have your deductible reimbursed.

Auto collision coverage also pays to repair your car even if the driver at fault flees the scene of the accident and can’t be found. Your collision coverage may offer optional extensions. In addition to basic collision coverage, you may be able to add on coverages like rental, labor or towing reimbursement. The “extra” coverages tend to be fairly inexpensive. Contacts us to discuss extra coverages.

Do I Really Need To Have Auto Collision Insurance in Medford?

When financing your car purchase, you most likely will be required to have collision coverage. The title to your car is held by the lender. The title usually requires “full” insurance, which includes collision coverage. The coverage stays in place for the life of the loan. If you pay cash for your car or have paid it off, then you are in possession of the title. At that point, you can make your own decision whether you want to carry collision coverage or not on your automobile insurance policy. Even when the car lender does not require collision coverage, this form of insurance does provide important protection for your vehicle.

Ask yourself how you will get around in the event that your car gets damaged or totaled. Will you be able to afford to pay for the necessary repairs or buy a replacement yourself? If you are thinking about removing collision coverage from your auto insurance policy, at least think about whether or not you have an alternative form of transportation that you can use in Medford.

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Medford Auto Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is not to be mistaken with collision coverage. Auto comprehensive coverage pays for non-accident related damages such as fire, vandalism or theft.

What Is Covered By Comprehensive Coverage?

Theft is the most common type of loss that is covered by comprehensive car insurance. Your car might get recovered if you are lucky. However, your stolen car might be severely damaged or stripped of parts. Comprehensive auto insurance will pay to have your car replaced or repaired in the event that it is stolen.

Other Damages Covered By Comprehensive Auto Insurance:

Weather events: a flood can damage your car. Your car could also be struck by lightning or could become dented in a hail storm.

Damage other than collision caused by other parties: Damages might be accidental or intentional. A vandal could use a key to scrape your car’s side panels or your tires could be slashed. Your neighbor’s tree could fall onto your car. There could be painters working near your car and over spray could damage the paint. There are multiple ways that your car can get damaged.

Fire: A standard homeowners insurance policy does not cover vehicle damage caused by fire. Even if your Medford home burns to the ground while your car is inside the garage, your homeowners policy probably excludes coverage for your vehicle. Fire damage coverage for your vehicle will most likely fall under comprehensive coverage.

There is no way to imagine or anticipate every single way that your car can be damaged. However, having comprehensive auto insurance coverage can help minimize your risk.

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Comprehensive Coverage Will Pay Regardless of Who Is At Fault

Your comprehensive auto coverage will pay (minus your deductible) for your car repairs even if the damage is caused by you unintentionally. However, your insurance will usually not pay if you intentionally damage your car.

If someone else causes the damage, your auto insurance policy’s comprehensive coverage will pay for the replacement or repairs for your vehicle (minus the deductible). Your insurance company attempts to cover the costs from the responsible party who might have liability insurance that will pay for the damage. If the cost of the damage is recovered, the cost of your claim will be removed from your loss history.

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