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How to Buy the Right Car Insurance Policy

Buying car insurance in Oregon (or anywhere for that matter) seems like a simple process, but paying attention to a few details can make a big difference in your payment and your overall satisfaction with the service. Don’t make the mistake of rushing through policy selection, or you might end up kicking yourself later.

Coverage Amounts and Costs- Know Your Coverage Goals in Advance

Each state has their own requirements about how much of each kind of coverage you’ll be required to maintain, but that isn’t where your research should stop. If you decide to with minimum coverage, you might be comfortable with a higher level of risk than other individuals. If you have significant assets, it’s worth paying the extra premium to guard those assets against a potential claim. For example, imagine that you’ve carried the basic liability coverage but a claimant goes after you for the remaining unpaid injury bills in a personal suit. All of the assets you have worked so hard to build are suddenly at risk, and all of that could have been protected by increasing your liability coverage in your auto insurance policy.

Features and Service – Review Your Current Policy

Since auto insurance is required, you’ve probably been carrying it as long as you have been a driver. Since rates are always changing, and good behavior or new discounts can drop prices even further, it’s worth reviewing your policy on a yearly basis and determining if any changes in coverage (or carrier) are necessary. Take a look at what you have been paying, and write down the yearly and monthly amount for the types of coverage you have selected. Once you’ve done this, you have something to work against in receiving other quotes.

If you have had any accidents recently and gone through the claims experience, recall how you were treated? Were you communicated with throughout the process? Was it easy or difficult to work with the claims team? Was your claim fully and fairly evaluated? If your answers are “no” to these questions, you might want to seek out a better service provider. Sometimes, when it comes to car insurance, cost is not the only factor to be considered in selecting a policy.

How Companies Treat Your Driving Record

If you know that you have a checkered driving history, increasing your coverage amount is always an option. If you face a higher risk for being in accidents, you can protect yourself with increased coverage. Get a history of your driving record before getting a quote. If you have tickets or infractions that are about to disappear off your record, don’t get a car insurance quote until that’s happened. Simply knowing your history and checking the timeline of items before getting new coverage can go a long way towards keeping costs down and ensuring that you get the best coverage at the best possible price.


There are many different kinds of discounts available for your car insurance, and it’s up to you to hunt for them. Some carriers will be upfront about asking you questions to connect you with discounts, but others might require a phone number to verify your eligibility. If you’ve got a good driving record, if you’re a student, or if you’re bundling coverage with the same insurance provider, discounts will be likely be available to you. Some carriers may offer other and more unique discounts, so it’s worth asking.

Don’t make a decision about your car insurance until you’ve looked for these 4 things in your policy. Doing a little research before committing can lead to a better experience overall and the right form of protection for you.