Permanent Life Insurance

Is Permanent Life Insurance right for you?

Permanent life insurance offers protection that will last your entire life, rather than for a temporary period of time.

In addition to lifelong protection, permanent life insurance offers living benefits that can help you during your lifetime. Unlike term insurance, permanent insurance is a value builder. Both guaranteed cash values and non-guaranteed cash values build up, tax deferred, over the years, and you can put them to work in a number of ways.

We’re able to offer life insurance in Medford, Oregon through our main headquarters as well as in Grants Pass, Beaverton, and Lake Oswego. But we’re not limited to our regions. We have clients across Oregon who prefer our original approach to offering insurance.

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Permanent Life Overview

Permanent Life is good for:

  • Life long protection
  • Dividends that can be applied toward premium payments
  • Eliminated the problem of future insurability
  • Builds cash value that you can borrow against for life expenses

Rates are affected by:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Health
  • Smoker or non-Smoker
  • Amount of coverage required

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How much coverage do you need?

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Did you know?

Permanent life insurance builds cash value. This amount — part of which is guaranteed under many policies — can be used in the future as you wish.

Permanent Life Insurance Education

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Education Overview

Life insurance is complicated. In order to make to right selection you need to consider your situation. Are you looking for coverage for your lifetime, or just a specific period? How much coverage will you need to protect your family when you’re gone?

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