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Your home is one of your largest investments. Protect it – inside and out – with homeowners insurance.

A good homeowners policy will give you security and peace-of-mind. It will also protect you if you’re legally liable for someone’s injuries on your property, as well as financial losses caused by fires, storms or theft.

Coverages vary, and we can help you select the policy that’s right for you. We offer our homeowners insurance to customers all over the state. Check out our FAQs section for more information, or contact our offices in Beaverton, Grants Pass, Lake Oswego, or Medford.

Homeowners Overview

What is generally covered:

  • Dwelling and structure of your home
  • Personal property inside your home
  • Liability if someone is injured or damages their property in your home
  • Medical payments
  • Additional living expenses due to loss of use if your home is damaged

Rates are affected by:

  • Home features and characteristics
  • Location
  • Protective devices
  • Personal factors
  • Claims history

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Homeowners Insurance Education

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Education Overview

Homeowners insurance is one of the more complicated insurance types. Purchasing the right policy requires a fairly in-depth understanding of how to assess the current value of your home and belongings, how to create a home inventory, and what is or is not covered under the policies you’re... More

Homeowners Insurance Information

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More About Purchasing Oregon Home Insurance

Homeowners Insurance is Important

As a homeowner in the Beaverton, Grants Pass, Lake Oswego, or Medford areas, you want to live a worry-free life with your family. Accidents and natural calamities, however, can hinder you from achieving that goal. Fire and storms, for example, can damage your structure and affect your quality of life. Add to that the cost of repair or replacement of your belongings. You need a reliable source of fund you can use for emergencies. Buying home insurance in Oregon is a good way to prepare for unexpected situations.

We’ve Got You Covered – From Homeowners to Rental Insurance

At Insurance Lounge, we make sure to educate our customers so they can make informed decisions. Using our interactive retail storefronts, we provide much information about the different policies offered by the top carriers. We also offer Renters or Condo insurance to those who rent or own a condo unit.

Insurance Lounge provides a quick and easy way to shop for insurance products. You can choose among different types of insurance plans on our interactive and user-friendly website. We provide detailed information about each policy to help you learn more about your options. Our chat service allows you to interact with our agents in real time. This means you can quickly get answers to any questions you have about our insurance products.

Speak to Our Experienced Agents: Beaverton, Grants Pass, Lake Oswego & Medford

Shopping for home insurance is easy with the help of our experienced agents. These professionals will assist you with everything, from finding the right carrier to choosing the best type of coverage. Your choice of coverage will depend on many factors, including the replacement value of your home and the value of your possessions.

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