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Homeowners Insurance

No one ever thinks it will happen to them. You’d like to believe you’ll never have a fire, be robbed, have a storm or accident in your own home. Sadly, the unthinkable does happen, you will need to have homeowners insurance in order to protect yourself. Homeowners insurance will be there when you need it most. Your home is likely your largest asset. Is it needed? Yes, by all means. Not just for you, but also by your mortgage lender. Let’s take a look at a typical homeowners insurance policy and what it provides.

It’s complicated enough to have homeowners insurance, but when you add a vacation home to the mix it becomes even more complicated. Looking over your policy you may inquire as to what it is all about. Yet, it’s necessary to protect the property that you have worked diligently to acquire.

Independent agents at your local insurance agency will be happy to explain what you need to know regarding your homeowners insurance policy beginning with these five tips:

  • You’re usually insured for only 80 percent of your home value. If you wish, you may choose additional riders for the remaining value of your home and raise your deductible to offset the additional premium. There are many variables regarding homeowners insurance and vacation home insurance. They will depend upon the age and location of the home in comparison to a fire station and the crime rate in the specific area.
  • Homeowners insurance and Title insurance are two very different things and you are going to require both of them.
  • Title insurance will ensure that the title on your home is free and clear and valid with no liens, defects, encumbrances or judgments against it.
  • Homeowners insurance is for your property, belongings, liabilities of those who visit your property. You may supplement part of your homeowners insurance with a rider if you need it for more belongings such as items of high value like jewelry, boats or recreational vehicles stored at your home. This may also include rentals, vacation homes and the like.
  • It’s important to put some thought into the amount of coverage you’re going to need. Your independent local insurance agent can assist you in determining the amount your homeowners insurance should be including vacation homes and rentals. They can find the best deals on insurance coverage for you at competitive premiums.

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What’s in a Homeowners Insurance Policy?

A homeowners insurance policy will cover your home and your personal possessions. It will also provide liability protection and additional living costs.

House Structure Covered

It will also pay for rebuilding your home or your other structures should they be damaged by fire, theft, storm or other natural disasters. Note, flood insurance is usually on a separate rider so always check on this if you live in a flood prone area.

When selecting a coverage amount, ensure that you have enough to rebuild should you need to. Get several quotes from local builders or real estate agencies in order to have an approximate amount.

Damages will be covered with either a cash value or a replacement value. Cahs will pay out what the property is worth on today’s market with depreciation. Replacement will pay for the item to be replaced.

Personal Belongings that May Need to Be Replaced

There are many personal belongings that might require replacing. Clothing, furniture, and other items in your home that may be stolen or destroyed by an event that is insured are all covered by our homeowners policy.

You can select off premises coverages in order to ensure that your items are covered no matte where they are should they become lost or damaged.

It’s wise to make a video of your home’s interior and the contents so that you can have it should something happen or if you need to submit a claim. This way you can prove what you have lost.

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Liability Coverage is a Must

If someone is on your property and falls and injures themselves, your liability coverage pays for this injury. If the person sues you you can also be protected up to the limits of your policy. Liability insurance isn’t just limited to your home, it’s also for if your dog should bite the neighbor or mailman while you are walking him or her.

Additional Living Expenses that Will Be Paid

If you have a fire and can’t live in your home for a time, your expenses will be covered. You may also have such extra coverages for hotel, meals and a specific limit that is detailed in your policy.

Homeowners Insurance Is For More Than You

Mortgage lenders all require you to have homeowners insurance as a protection for their interest in the property as well. If something happens to your house, they will need to recoup their costs as well. Lenders require the market value of the mortgage. When you consider your home and belongings, you’ll want more than just the minimum protections available.

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Don’t Leave it Up To Chance

You worked hard for your home and love it. Ensure that your belongings are safe. Protect them from disaster. Have a good homeowners insurance policy in place to protect your from theft, fire or other disasters that can and do occur. Don’t leave these important things to chance, you know that you worked very diligently to own a home now take care of it by being a responsible homeowner and insuring it against disaster and damages. See your local insurance agency today and find out what they can do for you.